updated 11:18 AM EDT, Apr 24, 2018
  • 89.7 Bay launches national campaign-Making Malta Green & Clean

    On Wednesday 17th January, 89.7 Bay announced the launch of its new Making Malta Green & Clean campaign. This nationwide campaign aims to urge the population to take action to make Malta a cleaner and greener place.

    The main pillars of the MMGC campaign are: Littering; Dog Fouling; Recycling and; Waste Separation. Multiple efforts will be made throughout this campaign to increase awareness on these issues and encourage the population to make Malta Greener and Cleaner together.

    Research shows that tackling environmental crime such as street litter, fly tipping, dog fouling and graffiti is not just about enforcement. We also need to encourage and educate everyone to do the right thing and 'do their bit' to make Malta cleaner and greener, which is what MMGC will strive to achieve.

    At the press conference, Mr. Kevin DeCesare, Director of 89.7 Bay stated: “Making Malta Green and Clean will encourage people to love where they live - and to take pride in their street, town or village by keeping it clean and tidy. Our multi-media campaign will be heavily promoted on radio, in newspapers and online - urging residents, community groups, schools and businesses to take action to make their neighbourhoods cleaner and greener places to live and visit.”

    Owned and operated by Malta’s leading entertainment company, Eden Leisure Group and with the largest percentage of radio listeners on the island and almost 1,000,000 Facebook fans, 89.7 Bay has the reach to make a difference and clean up the Maltese environment. As part of this campaign, an informational website has been set up: www.mmgc.com.mt informing website visitors how they can make a difference and urging them to get involved.

    This campaign is organised with the support of: GSD Marketing Ltd; Cleansing Services Directorate; Ministry for Tourism; InterContinental Malta; Eden Leisure Group; Wasteserv; Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development & Climate Change; KSU.


    Visit www.mmgc.com.mt to find out more on how to make Malta a greener and cleaner place.



    On Saturday 24th March, 89.7 Bay in collaboration with eNGO Zibel, organised a cleanup day attended by 170 enthusiastic volunteers ranging from large corporations to students organisation, NGO’s and people from the general public.

    Within a span of two hours the overwhelming amount of 1068.62 KG (1.18 Tons) was gathered in a sorting area where the waste was then sorted, weighed and put on to the trucks. This amount was broken down into 777.02 kg of general waste, 35.56 kg of Plastic, 13.28 kg of Metal Cans, 123.6 kg of Glass, 59.66 kg of Fishing gear, 6kg of Bottle Caps and a Fridge weighing 53.5 kg.


    89.7 Bay and Zibel would like to thank all those who heard their plea and attended in what is considered to be a largely successful cleanup. With that being said the Ghajn Tuffieha area like many other areas in Malta is still far from clean, and 1.18 Tons of waste gathered within a 1km stretch of land in just a couple of hours should act as an eye-opening figure. We must be more weary of our environment.

    Seeing that amount of waste in such a beautiful and touristic area raises some serious concern. One company or individual cannot make Malta Green and Clean, it has to be a collective effort as a nation to work towards a cleaner Malta, for ourselves and for our future generations. The Making Malta Green and Clean campaign was aimed towards bringing these figures to light and raising awareness about the seriousness of this matter, it is then up to us a nation to educate and facilitate all necessary resources toward making Malta a cleaner and greener place!