updated 11:18 AM EDT, Apr 24, 2018

    On Saturday 24th March, 89.7 Bay in collaboration with eNGO Zibel, organised a cleanup day attended by 170 enthusiastic volunteers ranging from large corporations to students organisation, NGO’s and people from the general public.

    Within a span of two hours the overwhelming amount of 1068.62 KG (1.18 Tons) was gathered in a sorting area where the waste was then sorted, weighed and put on to the trucks. This amount was broken down into 777.02 kg of general waste, 35.56 kg of Plastic, 13.28 kg of Metal Cans, 123.6 kg of Glass, 59.66 kg of Fishing gear, 6kg of Bottle Caps and a Fridge weighing 53.5 kg.


    89.7 Bay and Zibel would like to thank all those who heard their plea and attended in what is considered to be a largely successful cleanup. With that being said the Ghajn Tuffieha area like many other areas in Malta is still far from clean, and 1.18 Tons of waste gathered within a 1km stretch of land in just a couple of hours should act as an eye-opening figure. We must be more weary of our environment.

    Seeing that amount of waste in such a beautiful and touristic area raises some serious concern. One company or individual cannot make Malta Green and Clean, it has to be a collective effort as a nation to work towards a cleaner Malta, for ourselves and for our future generations. The Making Malta Green and Clean campaign was aimed towards bringing these figures to light and raising awareness about the seriousness of this matter, it is then up to us a nation to educate and facilitate all necessary resources toward making Malta a cleaner and greener place!


  • Ghajn Tuffieha Clean-Up

    Attention Malta: Help us clean up Ghajn Tuffieha

    Often regarded as one of Malta's most beautiful beaches, Ghajn Tuffieha needs a proper spring clean to retain the title.

    That's why 89.7 Bay is teaming up with the eNGO Zibel to get the area surrounding Riviera Bay looking great for summer.

    Our next Making Malta Green and Clean project is a clean-up happening on Saturday 24 March from 9am to 2pm at Ghajn Tuffieha.

    All the 89.7 Bay crew will be there and everyone - from members of the public to large multi-national companies and organisations - are invited to join us.

    Bay station manager Andrew Zammit said: 'As you’d expect, some clean up areas are more challenging than others – but everyone can contribute in their own way.

    'Gloves and cleaning equipment will be provided but may not be in sufficient quantities so if you are able to bring your own, it would be extremely helpful.

    'We'll provide drinking water and the Cleansing Directorate and our other partners will be supplying trucks and other equipment to help us in this clean up.'

    Don't sit and watch, get involved!


    Things to consider:

     -We suggest you bring along a reusable flask/container for drinking water

    -Cleaning up (and good deeds in general) always bring about a healthy apatite. We suggest you bring a packed lunch

    -Gloves will be provided, but we may not have enough for everyone....(if possible) bring your own reusable work gloves (not the latex / rubber kind)

    -Consider carpooling with friends and colleagues



    Zibel is An ENGO that is forming a constantly growing community of people, who love to see Malta sparkling clean - like the true gem that it is. ZIbel are a vibrant group of activists who have Malta's environmental health at heart. They coordinate a number of cleanups every year. They are fully dependent on Private funding. Donate now to help them continue their priceless work!