updated 10:48 AM EST, Dec 11, 2017

Director & Officers

Directors of Issuer and the Guarantor ISSUER

Ian De Cesare : Chairman

Kevin De Cesare : Deputy Chairman

Paul Mercieca : Non-Executive Director

Andrea Gera de Petri : Non-Executive Director

David Vella : Executive Director 

Victor Spiteri : Non-Executive Director


Ian De Cesare : Executive Chairman

Kevin De Cesare : Managing Director

Simon De Cesare : Director

David Vella : Director


The Audit Committee's primary objective is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities over the financial reporting processes, financial policies and internal control structure. The Audit Committee reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Committee is at all times accountable to the Board and through its Chairman, reports to the Board on a regular basis. The Committee makes recommendations to the Directors where in its view certain improvements or changes are required.
The Committee is made up of:
Andrea Gera De Petri : Non - Executive Director
David Vella : Executive Director

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