Simon De Cesare – CEO

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Simon De Cesare – CEO

Simon De Cesare joined the Eden Leisure Group in April 2000 where he assumed the role of Business Administration Manager. After assuming several roles throughout the organisation, he currently acts as Chief Executive Office. Simon De Cesare was appointed Company Secretary on the Boards of each of the Group companies in 2006. Simon De Cesare spent four years at Bentley College, in Boston, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Following this, he spent two years at the Claremont Graduate University, Peter Drucker School of Management, in Los Angeles, where he earned an M.B.A. in strategy development and marketing. He moved back to Malta after spending a year in London where he worked as the Marketing Manager for the Direct Marketing Association (U.K.) Ltd. where he was responsible for the direct marketing interests of the financial service industry.