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The Eden Leisure Group has been at the forefront of Hospitality and Entertainment in Malta since the early days of tourism 55 years ago. Starting with our first hotel, the Eden Rock in 1967, ELG moved its operations to St Georges’ Bay in 1980 and diversified into the entertainment sector with our first state-of-the-art discotheque. This was soon followed by other clubs, a bowling centre, a radio station, followed by Malta’s first multiplex cinema.

At its height, the Eden Cinemas boasted of 21 screens. In the nineties, we invested heavily in Malta’s largest 5 star hotel with 451 rooms and 46 apartments, Cynergi health and fitness club, an Imax theatre and a car park. A few years later we invested in the St. Georges’ Bay beach and opened the Paranga and Lubelli restaurants on the water’s edge as well as a lido.

We are always on the lookout for strategic partners; InterContinental Hotels Group was chosen to manage our flagship property in 2003. We worked with this world-famous hotel brand for two years prior to the opening to ensure that we offer a world-class property. What all our outlets have in common in terms of entertainment and hospitality is that they were always innovative and ahead of the curve.  

ELG is well known all over the island for providing top class venues that one would have only previously seen in the capital cities of Europe. We firmly believe in providing the local market as well as the large influx of foreign visitors with quality 5-star venues.

In recent years the Eden Leisure Group has not stopped its upwards momentum. In 2017 the Holiday Inn Express was opened to provide consistent, high-quality, and stylish accommodation. The InterContinental Hotel also expanded with 3 new floors of high-level luxury suites. With this new extension, Skybeach was also opened in 2019, a high-end restaurant and lounge, with an infinity pool. 

Eden Esports was also launched in 2019, Malta’s largest video gaming and esports community, which hosts regular events from meetups to tier-1 pro events and LANs. The most recent project in 2022 was the gourmet pizzeria Lubelli which opened its doors this July, specialising in authentic Napoletana Pizza. 

We hope we will have the pleasure of your visit to one of our venues in St Georges’ Bay, whilst assuring you of a great experience’

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