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Bringing the magic of cinema to life

The Eden Cinemas heralded the re-birth of cinema going back in 1993.

The megaplex comprises 9 screens offering a total of 2058 seats. The cinema has always offered a top-quality viewing experience, using only the latest technology, having the only cinema screen with laser projection in Malta. The Eden Cinemas is known across Malta & Gozo as the best place to find the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Customers are always sure to find the most famous names in cinema on the Eden silver screen.

Besides bringing the latest Blockbusters straight from Hollywood to Malta, Eden is known for injecting the islands with a dose of culture. The theatre has a constant schedule of art-house films, films in foreign languages as well as live screenings of some of the world’s most renowned cultural productions; including operas, ballets & art exhibitions.

In recent years, cinema audiences have come to expect a lot more from their viewing experience, and the Eden Cinemas continues to evolve into an increasingly dynamic establishment. Beyond the standard movies, there have been autism-friendly screenings and subtitled films for hearing-impaired individuals. The theatre has also hosted a plethora of events in its foyer to give even more to movie-goers when they go to watch a film, and also gives customers the option to play Play Station on-screen. The cinema is also known to host third-party conferences and events. 

The Eden Cinemas Mission Statement …

We are committed to bringing the magic of cinema to life with the best sound, picture, comfort and service, creating fantastic memories for all our guests.

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