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Sustainability Pillars

Our Sustainability Mission

Sustainability at Eden Leisure Group

We built our company on our values which guide the way we conduct business: ethically, environmentally and socially responsible. We support universal human rights, respect the law and strive to do business in ways that are good for people and the planet. 

Take a look at our Green Goals


Understanding our environmental impact


Continuously improve operations, to run as eco-friendly as possible


Reduce consumption – energy; water; waste – annually


Raise awareness through educational advertising campaigns


Constantly improve our recycling processes


Organise activities that help the environment

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Our CSR Initiatives

Keeping up with our Corporate Social Responsibility

Recent actions we've taken...

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Preserving Our Local Heritage

Culture and community as a priority

The Maurice & Cettina De Cesare Foundation was set up in 2017, in the name of the founders of the Eden Leisure Group with the aim of funding Heritage projects.   In its efforts to be good cooperate citizens, the Eden Leisure Group felt it was its duty to help restore and maintain Malta’s culture and heritage and to give back to the country and community. 

Past projects include the €50k restoration of the 18th Century Positivo Organ at Our Lady of Victories Church in Valletta with Din L-Art Helwa.  We are also in the final stages of the €60k restoration of the Guthrie Bridge at Fort Rinella, with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna.  Once complete, it will be the only functional mechanical bridge in the world, adding great historic and touristic value to our island.

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Kate De Cesare
Chief Operations Officer

“ESG is more than a buzz word at Eden Leisure.

We don’t simply want to green-wash with a few good deeds, but we are making active strides in becoming a more sustainable enterprise, holding ourselves to account to ensure we see continuous progress and improvement.”

Talk is great, but what concrete action are we taking?

Things we're doing to make a change

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 Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint: Commissioned our Carbon Footprint with Ernst & Young, to understand our current position and to be able to set benchmarks on how we can reduce our emissions going forward.

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Energy Usage

  • Installed aerators in all our showers and taps in our entertainment operations and now are planning to install them in guest rooms of our hotels
  • Investigating new pool filtration systems which will allow us to save several thousand cubic meters of water per month in summer
  • Installing pool covers to reduce heat loss and evaporation
  • Investigating the recycling of our gray water – diverting waste shower water to our flushings or irrigations systems
  • Upgrading our RO systems and will be investing in a new one
  • Replaced all lighting with LEDs in all our entertainment operations, front and back of house and are in the process of replacing all those for the InterContinental Hotel
  • Finalising the changing of hotel room apertures at InterContinental Malta, for energy efficiency, estimating a saving of 1520 tonnes of Co2.
  • Upgrading our Room Management System for the InterContinental Malta and planning on replacement of our Building Management System, which will allow for better efficiencies and significant energy savings.
  • Plans for replacement of original plant at the InterContinental Hotel
  • Replacement of kitchen equipment for new alternatives using induction technology and therefore energy saving.
  • Plans for production of solar energy generation on HIEX to supply all water heating for the hotel as well as pool heating.
  • Investment in smart meters and new technologies to allow us to get real time snapshots of our energy and carbon consumption on a granular level
  • Plans to create a Kitchen garden which will allow us to reduce deliveries, reduce the need of shipping items from abroad; promote sustainability and healthy eating.
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Reuse & Recycling

  • Refined our separation processes within our various operations to ensure proper recycling and begun the process of measuring and reporting: Organic, Cardboard, Grease, Oil, Metal, Mixed recyclables, Glass, Mixed waste, Batteries, Electronics
  • Plans to replace our usage of bottled water in hotel rooms, conferences and meetings with RO water refilling systems saving hundreds of thousands of bottles
  • Replacement of consumables where possible in our various operations with biodegradable and eco friendly options, such as popcorn bags, nacho trays, stirrers etc…
  • Replacement of hotel room amenities with refillable soaps & shampoos to eliminate the use of single use plastic bottles
  • Donation of 130 PV panels to the Institute of Sustainable Energy
  • Donation of hundreds of kilos of worn Linen to Hospice and animal shelters
  • Donation of partially used Hotel room amenities to families in need and institutions
  • Donation of hundreds of items of brand new hotel crockery to Hospice Malta
  • Introduction of the Reverse Vending machines for bottles – BCRS – to recycle the bottles we use.

Activities Donations & Funding to Improve Our Community

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  • Funding Heritage projects – such as the restoration of the 18th Century Organ at our Lady of Victories in Valletta and the Guthrie Bridge at Fort Rinella
  • Organising 2nd hand clothing sales to reduce clothing from landfill and to raise money for Inspire, Zibel and MSPCA
  • Staff Volunteering at various institutions
  • Organising Clean up days
  • Supporting animals NGOs – Hosting Pet Friendly screenings to raise funds for animal charities; Organising Dog Walking for homeless dogs
  • Supporting the LGBT+ Community by creating a new LGBT+ radio station, Bay Pride
  • Awareness building with activities and campaigns organized for Pink October
  • Hosting events for various charitable institutions
  • Fundraising for Istrina; Puttinu; Dar Tal-Providenza; Marigold and many others
  • Public service campaigns

We believe that good corporate governance is the foundation of sustainable success. As leaders in our industry, we recognise the importance of setting high standards and operating with integrity. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive series of codes of governance, designed to guide our actions, foster transparency, and ensure ethical behavior at every level of our organisation. These codes reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence, accountability, the well-being of our stakeholders and creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Sustainability at ELG: An Overview

A summary of sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of Eden Leisure’s ethos.

The group has taken the concept of ESG or Environment, Social and Governance to underpin its core values. What began as regular ad hoc CSR projects developed into a dedicated team of key players within the group, who actively seek to improve performance in terms of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Within its first year, the ESG team has commissioned its first Carbon Footprint Audit; began the process to convert all its lighting to reduce energy requirements; introduced aerators to water taps; donated its unused hotel linen, crockery furniture and room amenities amongst many other measures. It has started measuring, managing and reducing its waste production as well as analysing the operations of all the various business units in order to reduce their environmental impact.

The group uses its prominent media platforms to coordinate educational campaigns to promote sustainability, for example, raising awareness nationwide on environmental issues or the importance of physical and mental well-being.

From a social perspective, the team has implemented a Social & Wellness programme for its staff members, with social activities, mental and physical health programmes, educational events. Teambuilding activities, countryside clean ups, volunteering with charitable institutions.

As part of their pledge to the community, the group made a commitment in 2017 to support national heritage and has donated €100,000 to Din L-Art Helwa and Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna to help fund important historical projects. One such project was the restoration of the 19th Century Organ at Our Lady of Victories in Valletta another being the reconstruction of the Guthrie Bridge at Fort Rinella.