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Sustainability Pillars

Our Sustainability Mission

Sustainability at Eden Leisure Group

We built our company on our values which guide the way we conduct business: ethically, environmentally and socially responsible. We support universal human rights, respect the law and strive to do business in ways that are good for people and the planet. 

Take a look at our ESG Goals


  • Measurement for effective management, thereby:
    • Reducing our Carbon Emissions
    • Reducing energy, fuel and water consumption
    • Reducing our waste and recycle effectively
  • Improving operations to run as eco-friendly as possible
  • Raising awareness
  • Making positive contributions to the environment
    • Customers: Continuous investment and improvement in our customer experience, while measuring with the aim to continuously improve our CSAT and NPS scores.
    • Employees: Strive to be employers of choice through favourable and safe working conditions, our social & wellness programme and caring for our team.
    • Community: Leading the way in Corporate Social Responsibility to help the wider community through an extensive CSR programme.
      • Operate transparently
      • Implementation of our corporate Policies Click here to see our corporate policies
        • Continuous staff training on our policies
        • Emphasise our Sustainable supplier policies up and down the value chain
      • Attain Certification to show commitment and transparency
      • Promote equality and inclusivity in the workforce.

Access the full Eden Leisure Group Sustainability Policy below

CSR initiatives in 2023

Keeping up with our Corporate Social Responsibility

Recent actions we've taken...

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The Eden Leisure Foundation, in memory of Maurice and Cettina De Cesare, is in the process of being officially incorporated, with the aim of creating a lasting legacy for the Eden Leisure Group and for the De Cesare family, by being a force for good for the community.

The Foundation will oversee the CSR wing for Eden Leisure, and will be in charge of disbursing related funds.  Its purpose will be to advise the Eden Leisure Group and its board on all corporate responsibility matters, organise fundraising events and aims to grow in scope, in terms of creating an impact in the community through fundraising, activities and donations.

Preserving Our Local Heritage

Culture and community as a priority

Each year, Eden Leisure Group commits a minimum of €25,000 to a project helping to rehabilitate Malta’s Heritage.  Past projects include the €50k restoration of the 18th Century Positivo Organ at Our Lady of Victories Church in Valletta with Din L-Art Helwa.  We are also in the final stages of the €60k restoration of the Guthrie Bridge at Fort Rinella, with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna.  Once complete, it will be the only functional mechanical bridge in the world, adding great historic and touristic value to our island.

The 2024 project is undergoing selection.

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Kate De Cesare
Chief Sustinabilty Officer

“ESG is more than a buzz word at Eden Leisure.

We don’t simply want to green-wash with a few good deeds, but we are making active strides in becoming a more sustainable enterprise, holding ourselves to account to ensure we see continuous progress and improvement.”

Talk is great, but what concrete action are we taking?

Click here to download our ESG report for 2023.  Here are some highlights:


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 Carbon Footprint

In 2022 we commissioned our first Carbon Footprint with Ernst & Young, to understand our current position and to be able to set benchmarks on how we can reduce our emissions going forward.  We now have a trained team to execute our footprint and have recently completed it for 2022.  This allows us to track our progress and set benchmarks for improvems.

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  • We’ve undertaking many initiatives and investments to reduce our intake of government water, reduce our over-all water usage.
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Energy Usage

  • We’ve invested in various technologies as well as monitoring systems to reduce our energy consumption and have several investments lined up for the year(s) ahead which will replace much of our older equipment with new, efficient equipment, which is set to significantly reduce our energy and fuel use and emissions.
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Kitchen garden

  • We’ve planted a kitchen garden in our garden on level 5 which allows us to reduce deliveries, reduce the need of shipping items from abroad; promote sustainability and healthy eating.
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  • We’ve overhauled our treatment of waste and implemented a company-wide waste management system where we measure all the different waste streams from all different departments.  This has resulted in an overall reduction of waste in particular mixed waste.
  • We’ve invested in various systems to eliminate various types of waste, including a water bottling plant.
  • We’ve replaced many of our consumables with non-disposable items as well as digitized most our processes to drastically reduce paper use.


  • We’ve supported over 40 organisations with our intensive CSR programme in 2023
  • We measure our employee engagement and have an extensive social and wellness programme implemented to take care of our human capital.
  • We survey our customers and take on their feedback, to ensure we are offering the best experience possible to all our patrons.
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  • We hold regular ESG meetings to discuss improvements in our operations
  • We have reached out to our suppliers to share with them our expectations to ensure that our suppliers share the same values as ours.
  • We have initiated the formation of the Eden Leisure Foundation, to formalise and strengthen our philanthropic wing of the group.
  • We are actioning our women-in-the-workforce initiatives to improve our ratios of females to males and increase inclusivity in the workforce by engaging more people with mixed-abilities.