Eden Employee Social & Wellness Programme

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What is the Eden Employee Social & Wellness Programme?

This Programme is being designed to provide all our employees with tools, social support, incentives and strategies to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also aims to create a sense of community. 

The Programme is available to all employees working at Eden Leisure Group. All employees will be entitled to the following benefits as part of this programme:

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quality work spaces

  • Testing of air quality of work environments
  • Regular servicing of ACs, ventilation and filtration systems
  • Ergonomic assessment of work stations
  • Plants around the office
  • Optimal lighting
  • Increased usage of Eco friendly, natural cleaning materials
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healthy mind

  • Access to 24/7 counselling service
  • Sponsored Emotional Support and Therapy sessions
  • Mental health awareness training
  • Substance abuse education and training
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social community 

  • Five days of paternal leave will be given to new fathers
  • Regular volunteering and social events
  • Environmental awareness and green activities
  • Regular team-building activities
  • Emergency prep including First Aid & Fire Warden Courses
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good nourishment

  • Free fresh fruit provided daily
  • Mindful eating spaces and nature areas
  • Meatless Mondays
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healthy body

  • Free fitness classes
  • 50% discount on membership at Cynergi
  • Free biannual Tanita body composition analysis at Cynergi
  • An extra 15 minutes break for employees going to Cynergi
  • Encouragement to stop smoking
  • Hydration promotion & Flu vaccination drives
  • Facilities for bicycle storage for those cycling to work
  • Seminars on nutrition and healthy eating
  • Corporate discounts on health testing
  • Discounted prices for health check-ups at Saint James Hospital, see below

Male: General Check-up €60 from €73, Routine Blood Test €50, Blood Test for PSA, Testicular Ultrasound €110 from €116

Female: General Check-up €60 from €73, Gynae Check-up €100 from €120, Smear Test €35, Mammogram €70 from €78, Tomosynthesis €95 from €105, Breast ultrasound + Mammogram €95 from €103, Pelvic Ultrasound €100 from €116, Bone Density €60 from €73, Routine Blood Test €50.

Green & Social Team

The way we keep it green!

The Green & Social Team meet every month to plan out all the activities.  Please feel free to get in touch with any one of us for more information on any of our initiatives or to offer suggestions or feedback.  Do let us know if you’d like to join our team too! 💚

Members include:

Check out what we’ve been up to before here:

“At Eden Leisure we recognize that our greatest asset is the people that make things happen, that’s you!

Whether dealing directly with our customers or working behind the scenes, every one of us has a crucial role to play and is instrumental in making us leaders in our industry

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Kate De Cesare
Chief Sustainability Officer

Eden Events Coming Up...

Upcoming Seminars:

Healthy Eating Talks
Organ Donation Talks 
Stress Management Talks
Smoking Less Talks
Financial Planning
Environment / Recycling
Mental Health Talks | Fitness Discussions 
Confidence Talks
Mental Health First Aid | Breast Cancer Talks
Team Work Talks | Movember Talks
Substance Abuse Awareness | Green Christmas

Get in touch!

Contact our HR Manager, Carina, to get to know more about your benefits, what’s coming up, how to get involved and more. Drop her an email at [email protected]