Mission Statement

We are committed to being leaders in the entertainment and leisure industry. Ever evolving, dynamic and innovative, we pride ourselves in offering the highest standards in customer satisfaction and experience, while maintaining continued growth and offering our team members a fulfilling and stimulating career.

Eden Employee Social & Wellness Programme

This Programme has been designed to provide all our employees with tools, social support, incentives and strategies to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The programme also includes a calendar of events, varying from teambuilding, to seminars, to green and leisure events as well; all compiled with the aim to create a sense of community and social responsiblity. Everything included in the programme is available to all employees working at Eden Leisure Group. 

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Latest updates


Our company recently introduced “Chill Out Fridays” as a way to promote a healthy work-life

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The IHG Academy is a unique opportunity for ITS students to gain valuable work experience

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On International Education Day, our team celebrated by hosting a Book Swap event. Staff members brought in books they had read and were eager to share with others.

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The Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) recently visited the Eden Leisure Group to discuss

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