New Water Filtration Plant At InterContinental Malta

Reaffirming its commitment to sustainability, the Eden Leisure Group has invested in an innovative water filtration and bottling plant at the InterContinental Malta hotel. This system ensures the highest standards of drinking water for its guests while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

DSC01909 byIgorBezborodov

Kate de Cesare, the group’s Chief Sustainability Officer stated ‘This investment brings about significant environmental benefits. By replacing all water bottles in guest rooms and conference facilities with reusable glass bottles, we estimate a saving of 320,000 bottles annually. This translates to a reduction of 6.4 tonnes of PET and 16.1 tonnes of glass waste, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future, while simultaneously enhancing our guest experience.’

At the heart of the process is a meticulous filtration system that starts with water sourced from a pre-filtered RO system. This water subsequently undergoes a thorough purification process involving two stages of microfiltration, followed by ultraviolet filtration to remove any microparticles, resulting in crystal-clear, safe drinking water.

Once purified, the water is gently filled into reusable glass bottles at the filling station. Each bottle is then sealed with an aluminum cap to preserve freshness and taste. The bottling cycle is repeated, the used bottles are carefully cleaned with a specialized washer before being returned for reuse, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.  Lab testing is performed monthly to ensure ongoing quality.

By investing in this eco-friendly solution, the InterContinental Malta, and indeed the group as a whole, demonstrates its commitment to reducing waste, lowering its carbon emissions, and preserving natural resources for generations to come.