Eden Leisure Group Becomes a Proud Signatory of the Malta Diversity & Inclusion Charter 

Eden Leisure Group has become one of the first signatories to the Malta Diversity & Inclusion Charter, an initiative by CORE Platform, whereby the group pledges to uphold and promote diversity, equality and inclusion within the organisation and the wider community.

The group’s participation in the Malta Diversity & Inclusion Charter aligns with its core values and strategic goals, ensuring it not only meets industry standards, but goes beyond, setting an example as a responsible enterprise. 

‘Becoming signatories solidifies our commitment to being key contributors to a fair and inclusive society.  By supporting this initiative, we are helping to create a workplace and community where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their background or identity.’ – Kate de Cesare, Eden Leisure Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer

Becoming one of the first signatories, Eden Leisure Group is proud to lead by example and looks forward to making meaningful strides in diversity and inclusion through ongoing efforts and collaborations. 

For more information on the Malta Diversity & Inclusion Charter, visit CORE Platform 

Click here to see the signed charter.