Eden Leisure Group Awarded Silver for Pioneering Inclusivity at EdenCinemas

Eden Leisure Group (ELG) is proud to announce that its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment at Eden Cinemas has been recognized with a prestigious Silver Award for Leadership in Inclusivity. Embracing diversity, Eden Cinemas strives to accommodate the needs of various audiences, promoting an environment where everyone feels valued and represented. With a focus on inclusivity, six cinema screens at Eden Cinemas are wheelchair accessible.

As part of this commitment, every third Sunday of the month, Eden Cinemas hosts autism-friendly screenings designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. These specialised screenings provide a supportive and accommodating atmosphere, allowing individuals with autism and their families to enjoy the cinematic experience comfortably. In collaboration with two NGOs, Autism Parents Association Malta and Prisms Malta, our employees receive training to create an autism-friendly environment. Key measures include keeping low lights in the entire foyer, avoiding the use of LED screens, pre-cooking popcorn, refraining from using barcode scanners at cashpoints, and allowing free seating in the cinema. Sound levels during the movie are kept low, and a low light is maintained during the screening. No pre-movie adverts are shown to reduce sensory triggers.

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Eden Cinemas recently hosted a digital screening of the autism-sensitive children’s book ‘Mase in Space,’ featuring the author walking through the book’s pages. Sensory activities were organized in the foyer to complement this inclusive initiative.

In addition, Eden Cinemas caters to the hearing-impaired community by screening subtitled movies every week. These screenings, featuring a variety of movie choices based on subtitle availability from film studios, aim to provide an accessible cinematic experience for all.

Eden Cinemas extends its inclusivity efforts to different cultural communities in Malta. Regular screenings are dedicated to communities such as the Serbian and Indian communities. Notable screenings for the Serbian community include films like Munje: Opet, Indigo Kristal, Vera, The Only Way Out, Komedija na tri sprata & Zlatni Dečko. Similarly, for the Indian community, well-received screenings include Madanolsavam, Ponniyin Selvan, Spadikam, Ravanasura, Malikappuram, Romancham & Adipurush.

Eden Cinemas continues to diversify its offerings, introducing screenings for the Ukrainian community with the Mavka: The Forest Song cartoon, screened in the original Ukrainian language with English subtitles. Upcoming is the screening of the painted movie The Peasants, produced by the creators of Loving Vincent, in the original Polish language with English subtitles.

Eden Cinemas is proud to lead the way in fostering an inclusive cinema experience, ensuring that everyone in the community can enjoy the magic of the movies.