89.7 Bay launches new national campaign Making Malta Great


On Wednesday 8th June, 89.7 Bay announced the launch of the Making Malta Great campaign. This new nationwide campaign, aims to inspire locals to continue (or in some cases, start) to look after our precious Island for future generations to enjoy and also for the millions who visit our island, or thinking about doing so.  It also aims to remind us about the little things we can do to make a difference, from picking up trash, to lending a hand, remembering to visit (thereby supporting) our heritage sites and being hospitable and friendly to visitors and each other.

Through various social experiments based on kindness and friendliness, Making Malta Great will show that even a small change can go a very long way to putting Malta right up at the top of those ‘best places to visit’ surveys! 

With the largest percentage of radio listeners on the island and almost 1,000,000 facebook fans, 89.7 Bay has the reach to make a difference locally, and get Malta further recognised and talked about internationally.

As part of this campaign, an informational website has been set up: www.makingmaltagreat.com where you can get inspired with ideas of what you can do to make a difference, check out our campaign videos & social experiments and more. 

This campaign has the support and backing of The Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority. It has been organised in collaboration with The Times of Malta; The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd; Uno Village, Intercontinental Malta, Fortina Spa & Resort, Pure Media, Malta Airport Foundation, Eden Leisure Group, Water Services Corporation, Gormina, Fimbank, Citysightseeing Malta and Gululu. 

With its extensive cultural heritage, idyllic beaches, impressive architecture and friendly, industrious people, Malta is truly unique.  The campaign aims to encourage us to continue to nurture its growth and development while protecting its character and resources.  Whether it’s that extra smile we offer a visitor, or organising a clean-up, every effort helps to make Malta great!