Apparition Hill

30TH November – 8th December 2016

At Eden Cinemas

Explore one of the greatest paranormal mysteries in the world, through Apparition Hill, showing at Eden Cinemas from Wednesday 30th November to Wednesday 8th December. A film about life and what comes after through an investigation with 7 strangers journeying up to Medjugorje. 

The small town of Medjugorje is believed to be a place of miracles in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where six children claim to have witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1981. Millions of people have journeyed to Medjugorje to see for themselves, and nearly all describe a sense of peace they’ve never felt before. To put it to the test, these seven strangers investigate the truth: a young mother with stage 4 cancer, an atheist from England, a man suffering from ALS, a heroin addict and a former felon, an atheist police officer, a father of nine who lost his wife to cancer and a woman questioning her faith. Will their climb up Apparition Hill lead to a modern-day miracle or a spectacular hoax?

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