Bowling and Bonding: Our Chill-Out Thursday at Eden Superbowl 

It’s no secret that work can be stressful, and it’s important to take a break from time to time to relax and recharge. Taking a break from work and enjoying a little bit of relaxation mid-week can do wonders for productivity and overall well-being.  


Last week, we kicked off our long weekend with a Chill Out Thursday, treating our employees to a fun gathering at Eden Superbowl. The event provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to unwind, socialize, and enjoy some free cocktails and snacks.  


By taking the time to plan events like these, companies can show their employees that they value their well-being and are invested in their happiness both in and outside of work. It’s a small investment that can pay big dividends in terms of employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall productivity.