Cynergi Health & Fitness Club



The newly revamped Cynergi Health and Fitness Club is now OPEN! The gym has undergone a massive refurbishment, transforming into a bigger, better and brighter fitness club. Upgrades have included a full upgrade of all machinery, new design, new ventilation systems and also new changing rooms. 

The Eden Leisure Group has invested three quarters of a million Euros to bring you the very latest fitness solutions from the global leaders: Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Insignia. For more than 45 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit both facilities and exercisers. Their innovation begins with product design and conception, right until the equipment ships out of the warehouse.

Director of Operations, Simon De Cesare commented on the refurbishment;

 “As a group we continue to aspire to be at the forefront of all the businesses we operate in. Cynergi Health and Fitness is a case in point. After operating in this industry for over 35 years we have a unique knowledge of what customers want for their health and fitness requirements. Quality equipment, quantity and personal care by qualified well trained staff. Over the years we have focused on the personal care offered by our personnel through dedicated programming, reprogramming and personal training, and now the focus has shifted onto the equipment. Through a holistic agreement with Life Fitness, one of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers we have agreed a complete replacement of our existing equipment to be replaced with the top of the line of their respective brands Life Fitness, Insignia and Hammer Strength and Cybex. Now Cynergi is the largest gym with by far the best equipment on the island.”

Your new club is also one of the first in Europe to feature the stat-of-the-art ‘Discovery SE’ tablet control panel, the result of insight gained research that asked ‘what makes a consistently captivating experience.’ The SE provides a truly immersive exerciser experience, and features interactive apps, streaming videos, and live competition with users across the world via virtual interactive courses on a screen that is 18 inches large. You can even keep track of your workouts, and pick up where you left off on any compatible Life Fitness equipment across the globe!

Whilst focusing on quality in quantity, all machinery has been updated to top of the range equipment. Cynergi took this opportunity to donate all of their existing equipment to different charities and organisation around the island. These include Caritas Prison, Dar il-Wens, Dar il-Kaptan, Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja and also St. Edwards School and Depiro Gym where they will be used for rehab or educational purposes. 

Try out the newly refurbished gym for free throughout the whole month of January. 

Cynergi Health & Fitness club is owned and operated by the Eden Leisure Group.

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