Rabat Depiro Basketball club have announced their primary sponsorship agreement with Cynergi Health and Fitness Club. The sponsorship shall see Cynergi, under its parent company Eden Leisure Group, offer a sponsorship value of approximately €20,000 per year for the team in their two upcoming seasons. The new sponsorship includes the title rights to the basketball team, which will be known as Cynergi Depiro. 

Eden Leisure were previously sponsors of Rabat Depiro between 1990 and 2001.

“Through sponsoring Rabat’s Depiro Basketball club, we wish to show the importance of supporting local clubs who show ambition to grow both locally and overseas. With our support, we hope to give the team that leverage to push them so much further,” explained Jim Harvey, Cynergi’s General Manager. 

Rabat Depiro Basketball club was formed in 1973 and over the years it has grown to cover all basketball categories both male and female. The men’s team has won 6 Championships, 4 Knock Outs, 5 Super Cups, 1 Shield and 1 LB Cup. Most of these achievements came during the previous collaboration with Eden Leisure group. This year, the men’s team has been strengthened through the additions of Paul Ferrante as a head coach and players David Bugeja and Robert Bonnici. All three have won the last 2 championships and David Bugeja was also voted as Player of the year for season 2015-16. They join a young and very promising team and with the help of Cynergi’s sponsorship, this year’s objective is to have Rabat Depiro’s men’s team back on the honors list.  

Kevin De Cesare, Managing Director of Eden Leisure Group and former player, captain and coach for Rabat Depiro, is particularly pleased to be supporting the team once more, 15 years on.  “We’re thrilled to be investing in the team again and look forward to seeing it reach its former glory once again.”

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