On the 21st February, Eden Cinema’s will be exclusively premiering the award winning, multi-threaded narrative drama set in Malta – Do Re Mi Fa. Written and directed by Chris Zarb, shortly after graduating with a B.A (Hons) in Practical Filmmaking from the University of West London. 

The film follows four lead characters as their lonely and isolated existences unknowingly intersect and reach a climatic personal tipping point. All characters and threads are introduced in an opening tracking shot, allowing the audience to follow their lives throughout the film. The characters include Bozo portrayed by Paul Flanagan, a children’s party clown struggling with paedophilic impulses. Irene Christ takes on the role of Claudia, an actress currently appearing in an avant-garde stage production, who is paralysed with feelings of insignificance during her time upon the stage. Her uncontrollable emotions drive her to buy an illegal firearm as she plots to shoot down the audience attending her production. Kyle is played by Marc Cabourdin, who portrays the story of a father to a deaf son, struggling to cope with challenges at home and at work. Concluding the main characters is DJ Trim played by Sean O’ Neil. DJ Trim is a talk radio show present suffering from an increasingly debilitating anxiety disorder that advocates for the rights of illegal immigrants and becomes the target of unwanted attention from a threatening caller.

The evening kicks off at 8pm with a wine reception prior to the start of the film.  Tickets to the premiere cost €10. 

For more information please visit or call on 23710400.