Eden Leisure Employees Awards 2020

For the 2nd year running, Eden Leisure Group recognised their stand out employees for their contribution to the company.

The ‘employee of the quarter’ awards, give recognition to an employee from each department, every quarter of the year. Meanwhile the ‘Employee of the Year’ is voted by the company’s Directors and Managers and is awarded to one individual at the end of the year.  

The Employee of the Year award went to the group’s HR Manager, Carina Scerri, for her outstanding commitment, professionalism and work ethic over the calendar year.  

Meanwhile, the employees of the quarter, for each department were:

Mark Cachia-  Eden Cinema

Jessica Borg- Eden SuperBowl 

Daniel Debono- Cynergi Health and Fitness Club 

Noel Zarb- 89.7 Bay

Zsolt Zsembery- Administration

Other than recognition for their work, the winners are monetary rewarded as a thank you for their contribution the company.  

In his speech, CEO Simon De Cesare gave a special thanks to all the group’s employees, for their flexibility and tireless work ethic in 2020. He stated, “The strength that we have been able to build up with all of your support over the years allowed us to the weather the storm. I am also truly thankful to all of you who supported us and were understanding and flexible with working conditions. There were many of you who really showed your worth in this period and that will not be forgotten.”