Eden Leisure Group and StreetHR Host Successful Leadership & Management Programme

Eden Leisure Group recently partnered with StreetHR to host a Leadership & Management Programme for 12 members of their management team. The course consisted of three sessions, each lasting four hours. It aimed to equip participants with core principles for leading teams from a soft-skills perspective, provide insights into coaching and mentoring practices, and support delegates in transferring and applying their knowledge in real-life scenarios. 

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The interactive sessions were designed to build leadership and management skills, and included a range of activities such as team-building exercises, role-playing scenarios, and case studies. By engaging in these activities, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the challenges involved in leading and managing teams, and were able to develop practical strategies for overcoming these challenges. 

Overall, the Leadership & Management Programme provided an excellent opportunity for Eden Leisure Group’s management team to improve their soft skills and gain insights into coaching and mentoring practices. By applying the knowledge gained through this programme in real-life scenarios, they will be better equipped to lead their teams and achieve success in their roles.