Eden Leisure Group goes Golfing

Eden Leisure Group teamevent

As part of the corporate partnership, staff from Eden Leisure Group were invited for a few rounds of golf at the Royal Malta Golf Club in Marsa. The event proved to be a fantastic team-building exercise, with each member of staff showing their great, or rather lack of, golfing skills in a fun-filled environment and which will surely continue to be remembered by all those present.

The session started off with coach Henning giving the staff information regarding the sport as a whole and how the game works. Following this, staff were introduced to, and were able to practice, a variety of golf shots and techniques including putting, short range shots, long range shots, and chipping. Mr Henning made the whole experience really worthwhile with his great personality, funny jokes, and constant patience with our beginners. After the golf session, staff were treated to drinks at the Royal Malta Golf Club where both proud and defeated employees reflected on their experience with large smiles and laughs all around.

“Our employees are the foundation of our company so we consider teamwork and team building activities to be of fundamental importance. It is always a pleasure watching the staff interact in fun out-of-work environments and I know that they will be bring this energy and enthusiasm back to workplace and create a more close-knit and stimulating environment. On behalf of Eden Leisure Group, I would like to express our wholehearted thanks to the Royal Malta Golf Club for their invitation.” said Simon De Cesare, CEO of Eden Leisure Group.