Eden Leisure Group goes greener

recycle bin eden cinemas

In keeping with its ongoing initiatives to adopt greener practices throughout the company, Eden Leisure Group’s latest strategy has been to invest in transparent bins & paper collectors to be used all throughout the organisation’s premises. These units aim to encourage greater recycling tendencies amongst all patrons and staff within the company.

The specially designed bodies of the bins ensure that all units are being used correctly. This design allows for the maximum level of recyclability for each and every unit. The company recommends the use of these bins to all persons that encounter them and not just employees.

“We are delighted to continue in our quest towards maintaining our reputation as a company which has the environment at heart. Here at Eden Leisure Group we have invested in several nationwide campaigns promoting awareness and encouraging people all over Malta to Gozo to be as eco-friendly as possible, so it is very important to us to know that we, our employees and customers can also do their part for our environment” says Kate DeCesare, Director of Operations at Eden Leisure Group.

Staff throughout the company are also being heavily encouraged to both reduce and reuse paper with all offices having recently been fitted with recyclable paper collectors. Manufactured from 100% recycled material, these compact, personal, desktop units are durable, waterproof and reusable to ensure that they can cut down on waste for many years to come. They also serve the purpose of encouraging the collection of recyclables for disposal in larger bins while replacing other individual waste bins. The paper collectors can also be found throughout the companies own business channels including Eden Cinemas, Eden Superbowl, 89.7 Bay and Cynergi Health & Fitness Club.

“We hope that other companies will also hop onto the bandwagon and make it their mission to make Malta greener and cleaner too – one paper or plastic bottle at a time” Kate DeCesare concluded.