Mental illness affects 350 million people worldwide. Only 10% of people with depression seek out help. 1 in 5 people will be affected by a mental health or neurological (brain) issue in their lives.

The Eden Leisure Group has created a campaign in an attempt to #breakthestigma during World Mental Health Awareness Day. Their initiatives centred around training their employees and informing the general public on the importance of Mental Health.

ELG employees are currently undergoing a Mental Health First Aid Course. By 2020, it aims to have 20% of its workforce qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

Radio adverts were aired on 89.7 Bay, promoting exercise as a way to help fight with mental health problems. The ads also promote getting some fresh air as it can actually do wonders for your mental health.

In a video feature released today, Cynergi’s Operations Supervisor, Mike Hughes opened up about his struggle, and spoke about the importance of understanding Mental Health Issues and their possible solutions. In his emotional video, he suggests some tips on how exercise and a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference. As a final message, seeking professional help is what he suggests for anyone going through serious issues.

You can watch the whole video on the Cynergi Facebook Page.

In addition, Cynergi is offering free entrance to anyone who would like to train at Cynergi for the day!

Let’s #breakthestigma together.