Premium Theater Refurbishment

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The Eden Cinemas have reopened their Premium Theater, cinema 11, after upgrading its facilities with a full refurbishment.  The refurbishment included the complete replacement of seats with new, luxury seating offering patrons maximum comfort. Cinema 11 boasts the largest screen on the island, and just under 300 seats. Over the last couple of years, the Eden Leisure Group has invested close to half a million in seat replacements and upgrading facilities in its various cinemas, and will continue to do so over the coming years.

Cinema 11 is Eden Cinemas’ showcase theater which hosts many of Eden Cinemas live cinema events, including broadcasts from The Royal Opera House and other alternative content.  The theater also hosts various live, stage events such as Stand Up Comedy, music events etc..  The aim of the refurbishment was to create more of a a prestigious and theater-like feel despite being located within a cinema multiplex.