Prince – Purple Rain at Eden Cinemas

prince 2

Celebrate the life of the psychedelic Prince of pop of our generation in the original 1984 movie, Purple Rain, showing exclusively at Eden Cinemas. The rock, musical drama film marks the electrifying movie debut of Prince as the Kid, a Minneapolis club musician as alienated as he is talented. The movie follows the struggles the kid experiences with a tumultuous home life and his smouldering anger, while taking refuge in his music.

The film stars Prince, playing a quasi-biographical person called ‘The Kid’. Coming from an abusive home in a cold, working-class city, it tells the story about youth, anger and changing the course of your life that was set out for you by your parents. 

The movie and album that accompanies it, manages to thread the needle between a dazzling array of genres: pop, tongue-wagging hair metal, dark R&B, and pleading soul. By doing so Purple Rain, placed itself in a unique transcendent place which cannot be replicated or replaced. As explained in an article on, “The only way to get to where Purple Rain takes you is to play Purple Rain.” 

Purple rain will be showing between the 13th and 15th May, only at Eden Cinemas.  For more information and tickets, please visit or call on 23710400.