Roberto Bolle-The Art of Dance

bolle at Eden cinemas

“Dance is a fire I have inside me. It formed me and gave me an identity. Who I am now I owe to dance.” Roberto Bolle

Coming to Eden Cinemas’ screens, an intimate journey into great performances by Roberto Bolle with exclusive onstage and backstage footage. Roberto Bolle: The Art of Dance will premiere exclusively at Eden Cinemas on Friday 1st December at 20.15 and will show for a limited time only.

Passion, charisma, classic harmony. Roberto Bolle has turned the art of dance into a popular genre: the Italian étoile has brought ballet closer to the general public, and through the beauty of movement, has been able to reveal the communicative power of dance in a truly amazing manner.

Now his story hits the screens: Roberto Bolle – The Art of Dance, a film by Francesca Pedroni guides the audience through the “Roberto Bolle and Friends” gala staged in three venues that are symbols of Italian cultural heritage: the Arena of Verona, the Teatro Grande at Pompei, the Baths at Carracalla in Rome. Patrons are invited for an extraordinary tour of Roberto Bolle’s great performances seen through exclusive onstage and ‘behind the scenes’ footage. This is a fantastic opportunity to move among all the emotions, fatigue, joy, and continuous confrontation that dance sets in motion with its dynamic energy.

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