Casino Malta Sponsors 50 MSPCA Dogs & Cats

As part of the company’s year long calendar of corporate social responsibility initiatives, Casino Malta has proudly partnered with the MSPCA (The Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). The MSPCA’s SADC (Sponsor a Dog or Cat) programme is the most simple and effective way to help rehabilitate and re-home animals. 

For the amount of €52 per animal, Casino Malta has committed to sponsor 50 animals entering the MSPCA Re-Homing Centre, Floriana. In addition to food and medical supplies, this sponsorship programme provides things like animal bedding, special dietary food, toys, treats, leashes and other supplies that help to make an animal’s life at the MSPCA as happy as possible until they find that loving home.

To celebrate this partnership with Casino Malta, the MSPCA shall be naming these 50 animals with a fun association to the ‘casino’ world. So over the next few months be on the look out for: Ace, Lucky, Blackjack, Dice and many more… Their stories will be told, from entering the Re-Homing Centre, health checks, fun walks, to the final successful re-homing event. 

The MSPCA would like to thank Casino Malta for their generous and heart-warming donation of €2,500 and helping to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals, through education and advocacy. Contact the MSPCA on 2123 4431 to find out how you can become a SADC sponsor or email us on [email protected].