Eden Cinemas brings you the once-in-a-lifetime exhibition staged in the artist’s hometown, The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch. The newest addition to the exhibition on screen art series will be screened on Thursday 3rd November at 8.30pm, exclusively at Eden Cinemas. 

Hieronymus Bosch – Visions of Genius at the Het Noordbrabants Museum was the largest ever Bosch retrospective, bringing 36 of his 44 surviving works together in Den Bosch. The exhibition took a radical approach, offering research and conservation expertise in exchange for loans from the world’s best museums. Over 420,000 people flocked to the exhibition to marvel at Bosch’s curious creations, with opening hours extended to 1am to accommodate the phenomenal demand. 

Now audiences worldwide can enjoy front row seats to Bosch’s extraordinary homecoming – without having to queue with the crowds. Accompanied by expert insights from the exhibition’s curators and leading cultural critics, the film will delve into the life of visionary artist to explore the inspiration behind with strange and haunting works. Contributors include filmmaker and artist Peter Greenway, The Times’ Chief Art Critic Rachel Campbell-Johnston, and Director of the Het Noordbrabants Museum Dr. Charles de Mooji. 

Watching the exhibition in Eden Cinemas’ multipurpose theatre will allow audience to appreciate the detail of Bosch’s paintings like never before. With advance filming, the documentary will offer close-up views of the curiosities hidden within his brimming canvases, from cannibalistic clergymen to three-headed birds. 

The film exhibition brings back the original form of Bosch’s famous altarpieces, which have long been separated and divided between the world’s great museums. It also gives the audience the chance to learn about new discoveries made by the Bosch Research and Conservation Project during preparations for the exhibition. 

“A populist superstar among the old-master painters”

The New York Times

“A once-in-a-lifetime show”

The Financial Times


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