Eden Leisure ends the year with some innovative CSR activities

Last month, Eden Leisure Group employees were encouraged to donate any unwanted clothes for them to be put to better use instead. This initiative, championed by the Eden Leisure Group’s Green Team is just one of the various sustainability projects being carried out by the group.

Today, Eden donated at total of 25 full bags of clothes to MSPCA (Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). MSPCA volunteers will be overseeing that the collected clothes will be distributed to all of the organisation’s charity shops and all the funds collected will go towards supporting the MSPCA operations.


This month the Eden Green Team also collected old mobile phone devices to dispose of them in an appropriate manner and avoid wastage and pollution; the functional devices that were collected will be passed on to charity. This festive season, Eden Leisure are supporting the Food Bank Life Foundation enabling employees and customers to donate essential food items with various Foodbank depository stations that have been set up within the establishments. 

These are just some of Eden Leisure Group’s corporate social responsibility activities this month. Eden’s ‘Green Team’ was set up in July 2018 with the purpose of pushing the company to become more environmentally-friendly, to adopt greener practices, raise awareness among its employees as well as nation-wide, through its media.