Eden Leisure Group: finalists for the Malta Waste Reduction Awards 2020

Eden Leisure Group have been chosen as finalists for the Malta Waste Reduction Awards 2020. This accomplishment comes as a result of the various activities organised by Eden Leisure, as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, with the theme “Change your Ways, Reduce Your Waste’. 

Malta Waste Reduction Awards 2020

The activities were 3-fold:  A national awareness building campaign using the group’s no. 1 hit music station, 89.7 Bay.  Another activity was Eden’s reusable-bag drive, where Bay’s popular presenters, Daniel and Ylenia distributed hundreds of reusable bags to shoppers at the ta Qali farmers market, spreading awareness on the harm of using numerous plastic bags – this content went viral on social media platforms; Their third initiative was a clothing drive whereby many boxes of unwanted clothes were collected and redistributed various charitable organisations, saving precious resources and helping those in need.

Last year, Eden Leisure Group won this same award and had put the prize money towards another of their initiatives, buying and planting hundreds of trees in Ta’ Qali.

Tree Planting Event

Due to Covid restrictions, instead of an awards ceremony, the finalists and their initiatives will be broadcast on Popolin, PBS.  The Hon. Aaron Farrugia, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning will be presenting the awards along with Mr. Richard Bilocca, WasteServ CEO on the 17th November.