Eden Leisure Group holds its 3rd Annual Eden Assembly: Unveiling New Initiatives and Celebrating Success

Eden Leisure Group hosted its highly anticipated 3rd Annual Eden Assembly on Friday, 9th June 2023. The event brought together esteemed employees to celebrate achievements, share exciting updates, and unveil new initiatives. 

The assembly commenced with Simon De Cesare, CEO of Eden Leisure Group, taking the stage to deliver a comprehensive overview of the company’s performance throughout the past year. De Cesare also shared exciting updates on the highly anticipated development project, VOCO Hotel and the new Entertainment Centre, located across the street from InterContinental Malta. In a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability, De Cesare provided an update on the company’s Carbon Footprint audit. He highlighted key initiatives, such as transitioning from plastic to wood key cards at InterContinental Malta and Holiday Inn Express, as well as efforts to reduce single-use plastic by introducing high-quality refillable toiletry products. 

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Kate De Cesare, the Group’s COO, took the podium next, captivating the audience with the company’s commitment to focus on Customer Experience. Recognizing the paramount importance of customers within the company’s ESG strategy, Kate shared valuable insights derived from extensive market research across all business units, providing employees with an exclusive glimpse into the exciting customer-centric initiatives ahead. 

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Sergey Bidzan, CEO of Eden Esports, delivered an engaging presentation, highlighting significant updates and notable accomplishments within the esports business unit. Bidzan showcased the innovative work the company has been undertaking and shared its future aspirations. 

The event culminated in the presentation of the Employees of the Quarter awards. Eden Leisure Group recognized and honoured exceptional employees who demonstrated outstanding dedication, innovation, and commitment to the company’s success. 

Winners of the employee of the Quarter: 

Cinema: Brigitta Wertetics 

Bowling: Giorgio Vasta 

Cynergi: Owen Grima  

Bay: Miguel Samuel 

Admin: Sana E Elahni