InterContinental Malta and Holiday Inn Express make great strides in Waste Reduction

Eden Leisure Group Malta announced two of the latest initiatives taken by its two hotels, the InterContinental Malta and the Holiday Inn Express, in their ongoing pursuit of sustainability and IHG’s ambitious “Journey to Tomorrow” initiative. These leading properties have recently implemented a range of impactful measures to reduce waste and promote a more eco-friendly hospitality experience, reaffirming their commitment to a greener future.
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Having recently completed its first Carbon Footprint audit, it found that its biggest contributor to carbon emissions is its production of waste, thus reduction of waste has become one of its greatest priorities.  To this end, both hotels have removed all single-use shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion bottles from their guest rooms. In their place, the hotels have introduced high-quality refillable products in all guest bathrooms. This change will eliminate at least 5 bottles in 600 guest rooms, potentially daily tackling a substantial contributor to plastic waste as well as reducing product waste, creating a more responsible and environmentally friendly guest experience.

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This transition to refillable products not only promotes a circular economy but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with hospitality operations. The hotels’ commitment to sustainable practices ensures that guests can enjoy first-class amenities while actively contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Both hotels have also eliminated plastic guest-room key cards, replacing them with biodegradable alternatives. While guests are encouraged to return their key cards for reuse, this initiative alone will save hundreds of thousands of plastic cards from ending up in landfills.

“We are excited to introduce these sustainable measures at the InterContinental Malta and the Holiday Inn Express,” said Simon De Cesare, CEO of the Eden Leisure Group. “As industry leaders, we recognise the urgent need to address environmental challenges and inspire positive change. These initiatives not only align Eden Leisure’s sustainability goals and IHG’s ‘Journey to Tomorrow’ goals but also enhance the guest experience, demonstrating that sustainability and luxury can coexist harmoniously.”

Eden Leisure Group Malta is actively pursuing additional initiatives to optimise waste management, enhance energy efficiency, and promote responsible consumption across all its properties. These efforts align with the company’s overarching vision of becoming a model of sustainability within the entertainment & hospitality industries.

The InterContinental Malta and the Holiday Inn Express extend an invitation to guests, partners, and the local community to join them on their “Journey to Tomorrow” towards a greener future. Through these sustainability measures, both hotels aim to inspire and motivate others to embrace environmentally responsible practices, fostering a collective effort to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.

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About Eden Leisure Group Malta: Eden Leisure Group Malta is a leading hospitality and entertainment company dedicated to providing exceptional experiences across its diverse range of properties. Committed to sustainability, the group consistently seeks innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact and contribute positively to the communities in which it operates.