Malta’s leading hospitality and entertainment company, Eden Leisure Group, has planted scores of new trees in Malta’s countryside, in an effort to help the island become greener. The Eden Leisure Group, which owns and operates a number of Malta’s favourite leisure and entertainment destinations, has planted more than 150 trees in a field in Ta’ Qali.

Staff at the company were encouraged to adopt a tree and dedicate it to someone special and they and their families were there to plant them. Operations director Kate De Cesare said: ‘Eden Leisure is helping to make Malta a little greener with the planting of these trees. ‘Each one is being dedicated to children and family members of our staff, with the aim of making Malta greener for future generations.’


Eden Leisure said it will work closely with Ambjent Malta, who will look after the trees until they are strong enough to stand on their own. The environmental protection agency has pledged to water and care for the saplings for the next two years.

Eden Leisure said that this tree planting initiative was organised and funded by the company’s green committee – which was set up to work on environmental awareness campaigns, organize eco projects and make Eden’s own operations greener.

Malta’s Environment Minister Hon. Dr. Jose Herrera was also present at the event on Saturday morning and he expressed his gratitude to all the companies in Malta that take responsibility for our environment into their hands.