Guthrie Bridge Restoration Project Update

Last October, The Eden Leisure Group, through the Maurice and Cettina De Cesare Foundation, announced that they will be financing a €60,000 project to restore the one-of-a-kind mechanical Guthrie Bridge at Fort Rinella in Kalkara.

This project will involve the total restoration of the said bridge to the last detail, involving all the iron, wood and masonry components, using the exact same techniques as when originally made using ultimate research material.  

Today, only a few incomplete examples survive in an archaeological state of preservation in different parts of the world. None of these are in working condition. 

Once restored, this will be the only functional example of a mechanical bridge in the world. It will add greatly to the historic and touristic value of Fort Rinella which is already visited by many thousands of visitors and locals annually.

Phase two of the project has started, with the following implemented to bring the bridge back to its former glory.

A complete iron frame was fitted to ensure a static pier. It was fitted to the counterscarp of the ditch extending from the roadway.
ST 1 1 1
Support cantilever arms are being refurbished to support the bridge and its iron frame
ST 1 2 1
Here you can see the iron frame of the bridge, the support cantilever arms and bridge railings supported by truck equipment.
ST 1 3
Bridge railings are also being restored, together with the cast iron fixed pier support columns.

Watch this space to keep yourself updated with the restoration works of the Guthrie Bridge Renovation Project.