Tourism Minister Visits IHG Hotels A Week After Malta International Airport Opens

With 20,000 passengers arriving in Malta within the first week of its International Airport opening, Eden Leisure Group expressed its satisfaction with the positive response by tourists.

Things are looking up and it seems like Malta will, in fact, have a summer season.


One week after the reopening of Malta International Airport, the Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli, visited the IHG hotels.

InterContinental Malta and Holiday Inn Express invested in new rooms and embellishment works during the COVID-19 pandemic so that upon their return, tourists would benefit from a higher quality experience.

During her visit, Minister Farrugia Portelli praised all the work done by these hotels during the pandemic. She shares that good quality accommodation is always of importance to the tourist.


The minister also met a number of tourists and families from countries such as Austria, Denmark, Italy, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Some of these tourists were visiting Malta for the first time, including a couple who recently chose Malta as their honeymoon destination, while others have even come to Malta for the fifth and even the 11th time.

All of them had words of praise for Malta and expressed how important it was for them to travel to a safe destination. Minister Farrugia Portelli said that although the international situation is still very unpredictable, the number of bookings already confirmed not only in these hotels but in others across the Maltese Islands is encouraging.