‘Jurassic World’ breaks Box Office Record with biggest opening weekend of all time! 

Jurassic World

Universal’s ‘Jurassic World’, the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park series; brought in more than $511 million worldwide in its first opening weekend between the 12th & 14th June. Produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Chris Pratt, the blockbuster hit was the most popular screening in all 66 countries where it was released, and Malta was no exception. Eden Cinemas held two special previews on Saturday 13th June in Cinema 16.  As expected, both shows were packed solid with die-hard fans as well those of a younger generation who got to watch their first Jurassic movie on the big screen.   

Although over 14 years have passed since the release of a new Jurassic film; the combination of cinematic grandeur, nostalgia and awareness helped Jurassic World far surpass analyst predictions going into the weekend, proving that this dinosaur is far from extinct.