Maestro Mastrini – Live Piano Concert


Eden Culture is proud to present a live on stage performance by the ‘Barefoot Pianist’ Maurizio Mastrini. Watch the creative musical genius and composer play live, exclusively at the Eden Cinema on Saturday 30th January at 3pm. 

Mastrini is known for his unique technique of playing masterpieces in reverse, whilst tapping his barefoot feet on the ground. Often referred to as a “wild heart”, he embodies and expresses a world of emotion through his musical pieces. Through research and a cultural background, his sound forms a bridge between traditional music and new contemporary classical music. Many of his works are minimalistic compositions, whilst others show a mathematical formation, which with such an abundance of notes, sound like an orchestra is performing. 

Mastrini’s musical career started off as a percussionist in his father’s blacksmith workshop. By turning empty paint tins into simple drums, he discovered his love for rhythm and sound. He shortly moved onto playing the piano, and found himself performing in Italian theatres with experts referring to him as a “child prodigy”.

Since then, Mastrini has played in more than 450 concerts all over the world. He has released 6 CDs, which have been sold worldwide. In May 2015, he released THE PIANIST, his 7th disc, which embodies the maestro’s deep, technical and genius skill. His concert at Eden Cinemas will focus on his compositions for this CD. 


Tickets cost €15 and are available from Or please call on 23710400 for more information.