In their continuing effort to be more environmentally friendly, Eden Leisure Group organised its first Meatless-Monday.

The human race’s excessive consumption of meat is a chief contributor to climate change, this prompted Eden Leisure’s Green Committee to organise an activity that would encourage its staff members to reduce their meat intake and give them healthier and tasty alternatives instead. The idea of Meatless-Monday isn’t a new one, it took off in the US and has spread to over 30 countries worldwide.

On Monday 27th, Eden Leisure encouraged its employees to eat a meat-free lunch and also teamed up with Eeetwell to offer a 50% discount on all their vegetarian and vegan meals, delivered at their offices at lunchtime. The initiative was a great success with a quarter of full time staff members taking up the initiative.

This is one of Eden’s Green Committee many initiatives aimed at becoming more eco-friendly and increasing awareness. Meatless Monday will take place at Eden Leisure every month with the aim to increase to every week.