New Malta Monopoly Board Launches, Featuring 3 ELG Brands

Monopoly & The Model Shop have just launched its latest version of the ‘Monopoly Malta Board Edition’ and Eden Leisure Group is proud to announce that 89.7 Bay, Eden Cinemas and Eden Superbowl have made it onto the board!  
Monopoly 2

The board features various other landmarks and spots which is well-known and loved by the Maltese populations such as historical sites and beaches. 

“The street once again is full of spots that the public can relate to. Whether it’s your monthly shopping at Greens, buying gifts from the Model Shop the different weekend activities we all enjoy, like going to Eden cinemas, Bowling or sitting down for a meal at is-Suq tal-Belt. You can also all relate to listening to Daniel and Ylenia, who are present here from 89.7 Bay, on your car rides to all these places.” – Mark Pace, Manager Retail Division at The Model Shop 

This version further builds on Sabrina Mulligan’s 2008 Monopoly. The 14-year-old board features the Mnajdra Temples on the box and other localities throughout the island in their original Maltese names. 

The board is now available in all leading toy shops and stationaries!