Restorations on Our Lady of victory Church’s 18th century organ

Restorations continue on Our Lady of victory Church’s 18th century organ. Since Eden Leisure Group has pledged their support to Din l-Art Helwa, restorer Robert Buhagiar, has been able to work on reconstructing and assembling the precious instrument. 

As you can see through the pictures, the pipe organ’s 2 bellows have just been recreated.  Before electricity, for the organ to work, at least one person was required to operate the bellows. When signalled by the organist, a ‘calcant’ would operate a set of bellows, supplying the organ with air. 


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Maria Grazia Cassar (Execuvtive President, Din L-Art helwa), Ian De Cesare (Chairmain, Eden Leisure Group), Robert Buhagiar (restorer), Patricia Salamone (Din L-Art Helwa)