Side Street Movies – May

Love Films but not keen on Hollywood?  Then try out the Eden Cinema’s ‘Side Street Films’, alternative movies which are a little different from the usual mainstream fare but full of artistic and cinematographic merit.

The following Side Street movies will be featured later this month:


Premier date :  18/05/16

Based in a village in northern Turkey, the movie follows the story of conservatism tied in with religious restrictions. When five orphan girls are seen innocently playing with boys on a beach, their scandalized conservative guardians confine them while forced marriages are arranged. Mustang offers a laugh and a tear, approaching the different perspectives of the young ladies growing up, and discovering their sexuality. 

Nominated for an Oscar in Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at Academy Awards, USA 2016

Nominated for a Golden Globe in Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language, at The Golden Globes, USA 2016. 

Winner of Label Europa Cinemas at Cannes Film Festival 2015.

Taking Stock

Premier date : 18/05/16

Who hasn’t joked or fantasized about robbing a bank? In Taking Stock, it is done by the most unlikely person: shop assistant/out of work actress Kate. Recently made redundant from her shop job, Kate is inspired by photos of Bonnie Parker. She gather a gang from her shop assistant friends and comes up with a plot to rob the shop, but where is her Clyde?  

Winner of Feature length comedy and best film at Garden State Film Festival 2016. 

Winner of Angel Award at Monaco Film Festival 2015. 

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