InterContinental Malta and Holiday Inn Express show solidarity with Ukrainians requiring free Quarantine

The Eden Leisure Group will be providing a number of rooms for free to Ukrainian refugees in line with MHRA’s calls for members to assist with this humanitarian assistance. 

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association today released a statement saying that they are encouraging members to offer free hotel rooms for Ukrainian refugees requiring quarantine. 

MHRA President Tony Zahra said that “We share the sorrow at the lives lost and the damage being caused in Ukraine. In the same way that Maltese hoteliers provided beds to emergency and frontline workers during the pandemic, the hospitality sector is now ready and willing to provide support and show solidarity with Ukrainian refugees.”

Eden Leisure Group chairman Ian de Cesare stated “in these uncertain times it is important that whoever can help in any way to alleviate the suffering of these refugees does whatever they can. This is our small contribution to this humanitarian crisis and we hope that the situation can be resolved speedily and peacefully. “

This means that Ukrainians can settle down a lot quicker in Malta without any burdens of extra costs.

The Association also said that they will furthermore assist Ukrainian asylum seekers to find jobs in Malta’s hospitality sector.

Mr Zahra continued that this is “a demonstration of solidarity and a clear message that peace should prevail as soon as possible for the real best interests of all humanity.”