Eden Leisure Group Raises Almost €5000 At Pop-Up Thrift Shop

As part of its ESG initiatives, Eden Leisure Group organised a Pop-Up Thrift Shop at the InterContinental Malta on the 3rd September, with all proceeds being donated to local charities. The event raised almost €5000 which was split between 3 NGOs, Inspire Malta, Zibel and MSPCA. 

Eden Leisure Group collected 300kgs of clothing through its own collection drives while Inspire arrived with 2-trucks loads of items, leaving with only half a truck by the end of the day. TheCettina De Cesare hall was filled with rails and tables packed with second hand clothing, many of which designer items, and still in excellent condition. With items priced from just €2, patrons queued up before doors were opened at 10am, ready to pick up the best bargains. 


Director of Operations, Kate de Cesare stated ‘Every day we see so much depressing news about the environment but this event gives hope of a sustainable future!  Awareness is building and it is becoming trendy to buy sustainably, giving an extended life to pre-owned items. 


Tonnes of clothing was saved from the landfill, items which needed many precious resources to be made.  Our thanks goes to all the volunteers who took part.  We’re so happy to have been able to contribute to our community and environment with this event and we hope that it inspires other individuals and businesses to become more sustainable.  Our actions count.’ 

The Eden Leisure Group will be hosting another Pop-Up Thrift shop this December for a sustainable Christmas shopping experience.