Eden Leisure Group Announce Their Line-Up of Green Initiatives


Eden Leisure Group has released the schedule for their ‘Go Green Week’ starting 15th September. The week-long campaign is brimming with exemplary initiatives aimed at raising environmental awareness. 

For a full week, ELG will be organising a host of activities across all their departments, meant to engage the public, as well as their own employees in green practices. 

Tips on how to be more green and eco-friendly will be shared all week long on all of ELG’s media channels including the 89.7 Bay radio station. 

The Eden Cinemas will be hosting a week of free daily screenings of environmentally conscious films. Only €1 will be collected per person attending to contribute towards a Green Fund. 


ELG will also be encouraging their employees to donate €1 for a ‘casual dress-down day’, which they will be doubling and then adding to the Green Fund as well. 

This fund will be used in the long run to finance green projects meant to give back to the community, such as tree-plantings.

Four beach and underwater cleanups are also being organised with the company’s employees taking part. These cleanups will take place at Ghadira, Golden Bay, Spinola and St. George’s Bay.

A used book drive is also being hosted to encourage book recycling. The collected books will then be redistributed to Inspire charity shops.

Environmental issues will also be discussed in a formal setting during a live webinar on ‘Green Hacks’. It will focus on what the government, the private sector and individuals in general can do to work together towards a positive change.

This initiative is supported by the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and the Saving Our Blue campaign.